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Istanbul, the capital of the times


Napoleon Bonaparte, who left a mark in world history and made the French Empire from 1804 to 1814, once said, "If the world were only one country, its capital would be Istanbul". With the "Common Values ​​Movement", we say, let's explore our commonalities and walk to the future together. Our starting point is: Our shared values ​​are much more than our differences. As we take ownership of our partnerships, we can see our differences as wealth and meet in a common Istanbul dream. Because we believe that values ​​are the essence of human beings. Our most important self-control mechanism is of great importance in the lives of companies, societies and countries as well as in human life. Because values ​​make up cultures, cultures are societies. And we believe that value-based societies will create a much more sustainable story. In this research we conducted within the scope of the project, the subject that excites us the most is Christian / Jewish / Muslim, rich / poor, the important values ​​are the same and the values ​​they want to experience in the society are the same. "