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Export Services

Tin foreign trade is excited to share its 20 years of knowledge and experience with you, our valued customers. Since its establishment, it has been producing and distributing industrial products, food, garden equipment and textiles;

The main products of our company, which has an expert staff in the field (Turkish Delight, Apricot, Pistachio, Seat fabric, Ladies fabric, Automation, Festo, Schneier, Danfoss, Chain, Bearıng nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, apricots), garden equipment, potted plastic products seat fabric, woven fabric, scarf, and tulle) operates in 3 main sectors.

Our company products in Turkey Istanbul, Bursa, Malatya and our branches in Siirt te operate as wholesale distribution and sales with the domestic network.

We ship our products to all countries of the world, especially Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Libya, with a high quality and best price focusing on customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the importance it attaches to quality and the determination to achieve the challenge since the first day of its establishment, it has developed its business areas in a short time and has been recognized in the sector and has never given up on these principles.

The unchanging principles of our company have always been quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable prices.

Working with the principle that the guarantee of success and continuity in production is honesty and quality in service, Tin Foreign Trade will gladly continue to serve you today and in the future by thanking you for your close interest and support.

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